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About Terry Harrington

Terry Harrington Craftsman & Furniture Maker was born and raised in Askrigg, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.

Upon leaving school, he undertook a five year apprenticeship in cabinet making at the world famous Robert Thompsons (known as 'The Mouseman') in Kilburn, where he stayed for 22 years.

Terry believes in making furniture to the highest standards using the finest oak and materials, constructed with traditional techniques - joints are made with mortice holes and tenons, glued and fixed with oak dowels - the items you buy from him will last you a lifetime!


Since 2012, Terry has been making his bespoke pieces of furniture and gifts, each one hand-crafted in oak and embellished with a hand-carved ram's head, his signature mark as a sign of quality and individuality. The idea of the ram's head came from growing up in the Yorkshire Dales - another regular sight, the drystone walls, are also incorporated into some of his small gifts too.

Terry has a wide range of items, ranging from large dining suites and dressers to small gifts and presents. They can be made bespoke to your own needs and specifications and he also offers a refurbishment service to restore your existing items of furniture too.


About The Oak

Here is the process oak has to go through before I can start my magic on it. Seasoning the oak. Once the trees are felled they are cut to the thickness of boards you want and then lats are put in between them so the air can circulate around them.

It takes approximately four to five years for table tops (2" thick) to be ready to come into the workshop to start working on. Oak can also be kiln dried but seasoned oak is better to work with and easier to hand carve.

After the Oak has seasoned, I then choose the right piece of wood for the job and mark it out before I go into the workshop and start sawing & working it.

Once the item is made I fume the oak with ammonia. The longer you leave it the darker it goes so you can have a choice of colour light, medium or dark finish.

  • oak
    Seasoning the oak
  • oak2
    Seasoning the oak takes up to 5 years
  • plank
    Chosen wood marked out, ready for the workshop

The Ram's Head

Here is the process of me carving the ram's head at different stages.

I start by marking out the ram's head in pencil, and then start chiselling around it.

I then start to carve out different layers that make the ram's head and also around the edges.

I then put in the mouth and finally add the eyes.

The Showroom

I built this showroom at my family home so I could have a space where I can meet my clients face to face to discuss their requirements and ideas ensuring that they get the perfect pieces they want.

It also gives clients a chance to see the quality of the product as well as items being on sale available to take away that day.

Please get in touch to make an appointment.



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