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Terry Harrington, Furniture


Terry Harrington creates furniture from the finest oak whilst using traditional techniques & tools. Beautiful and original, each peice made to the exacting standards of a master craftsman.

From dining room furniture, such as large tables and dining chair sets, to dressers and beds that are custom made to suit your own requirements and budget. Each piece can be designed to fit perfectly into your life and home, a stunning alternative to the mass-produced market.

This is quality hand-made furniture. 

Larger items of furniture are always made to order, to your bespoke measurements and requirements and usually priced individually, so prices shown here are guide purposes. I also offer a refurbishment service to restore your existing items of furniture too.
For more information and a bespoke quote, please contact Terry Harrington:

t: 01969 624 989 | m: 07786 264 302

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Dining Table, Traditional Style

Dining Table, Traditional Style
5ft: £1,875 | 6ft: £2,050

Dining Table, Modern Style

Dining Table 6ft x 3ft, Modern Style: £1,750 - Adzed top: £1,950

Dining Table, Modern Style

Round Dining Table 4ft: £2,000 - Adzed top: £2,200

Dining Table, Modern Style

Round Dining Table 5ft: £2,350 - Adzed top: £2,550

Dining Room Chair, Carver

Dining Room Chair, Carver: From £525

Dining Room Chair, Carver

Dining Room Chair, Oak Leaf Pattern, Carver: From £525

Dining Room Chair, Open Back

Dining Room Chair, Open Back: From £440

Dining Room Chair, Open Back v2

Dining Room Chair, Open Back v2: From £440

Dining Room Chair, Solid Back

Dining Room Chair, Solid Back: From £440

Arm Chair

Arm Chair: £570

Hall Table

Hall Table (priced individually)


Coffee Table (36" x 17.5"): £470

Coffee Table, Version 2

Coffee Table (40" x 24"): £735

Nest of Tables

Nest of Tables: £660

Magazine Rack Table

Magazine Rack / Table (24" x 15"): £460

Octagonal Table

20" Octagonal Table: £460

Half Circle Table

Half Circle Table (priced individually)


Bench (priced individually)

Bar Stool

Bar Stool (30 inch high with twisted iron foot rest): £345

Flat Top Stool

Flat Top Stool: £195

Wine Cabinets

Wine Cabinets (priced individually)

DVD Cabinet

DVD Cabinet (priced individually)

TV Cabinet

TV Cabinet (priced individually)

Fire Surround

Fire Surround (priced individually)


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All prices shown on this website do not include delivery charges - this is due to the differences in size and weight of items.

Larger pieces, such as bespoke furniture, will be quoted for courier delivery and are based on the size, weight and your location. Plus, if you prefer, you can also pick it up in person.

Ram's Head

Terry can carve his ram's head in different positions on your furniture depending whether you'd like it prominent or more discreet.

Oak Colour

The oak is fumed with ammonia so can be light, medium or dark finish.

For more information, please contact Terry Harrington:

T: 01969 624 989
M: 07786 264 302